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Happy Belated Valentines Day!!! Hope you all had a great time this year.. Mine was bit simple this year as it was on weekday. I received awesome gifts from my husband which I never expected though.In return, I was bit confused on what to gift him this year on valentines day.Just at the right time this lunch box from VAYA arrived home.

I have seen many people especially going to office, warm their food in microwave. Research say that extensive use of microwaves can cause cancer. The reason being, we use plastic to warm the food and plastics are said to be dangerous. To avoid all these dangerous health issues, lets make some changes to our eating habits and stay fit.

img_20170218_123524_1487533888038About The Brand: VAYA is an Indian brand which provides lunch boxes where the food is fresh and hot for long time.


Vaya tyffns comes in 2 different options:

  1. tyffyn600 – These tyffyns comes with two containers inside
  2. tyffyn1000- These tyffyns comes with three containers inside.

They also come in 3 variants or designs to choose from:

 Maple                                                    Graphite                                                Wool


The packaging of the tyffyn box is very nice. The containers come in high quality copper finish steel. While the lids are made of high quality plastic which is also leakproof. The outer closing lid is bit heavier and again made of high quality steel which helps to seal the warmness of the food and also keeping it fresh.








My Experience:

My husband usually loves warm food especially chapathis. I had tried all kinds of tyffyn boxes in the past and none of them kept the food warm for long time. It was only max upto 2-3 hrs which I found the food was hot and fresh.

Just in time I received this beautiful lunch box from VAYA. It was indeed a perfect gift for valentines as well!!! I prepared tasty food on valentines day and packed it in this lunch box. Initially he was apprehensive about the box, as we had tried many options in the past. Meanwhile I was very eager to know his reviews as I had heard some great reviews about this from my co blogger friends who had tried this. After lunch he just called me and I must say he was very much happy with the product and also after so many days he had enjoyed the food. The food was warm and was very fresh as if it was prepared just now.

The food stays warm and fresh for max 6-7 hrs which is really good compared to other brands. It also comes with a bag mat which is used to carry the lunch box in it as a sling bag and also you can spread it on the table while having lunch which makes it more clean and organised. The mat is waterproof ,so you can wash it too.It also contains a holder for keeping cutlery like spoons or forks. Another best part is, they ship internationally, so you can order from anywhere in the World.



  • Keeps food warm and fresh for 6-7 hrs.
  • Lovely packaging
  • Various designs to choose from.
  • Comes with a bag mat which is used to carry lunch box conveniently.
  • The containers are designed in such a way that its leakproof.
  • The body is made up of high quality steel so no worries of breaking easily.
  • The best part is, you dont have to wait for the microwave to warm the food,since the food will be warm.
  • Its a great gifting option.


  • I dont feel there is any such cons except that its little bit pricer and the tyffyn sometimes feels heavy. But I guess its all worth for the money and to your health in reducing the risk of using Microwaves.

Overall I love this lunch box and my husband too. It truly made me to get lot of compliments for my food . Its a must buy if your going to work or college . It also comes so much useful when your travelling or if your family member is in hospital or something like that where you need to have fresh food which is warm too. I request all of you to reduce the use of Microwaves as much as possible to keep yourself fit and buy these kind of tyffyn boxes to stay healthy and enjoy fresh food anywhere.

Lastly I really thank even Vaya team for sending me such amazing product which helps me to have food fresh so that I can stay healthy too.

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