Review: Mama Earth Body Creme for Mama to be

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When you get conceived, the first thing which comes to our mind is the stretch mark issue. Being a mommy I have gone through this stage and I was so careful about choosing the right products for my body during pregnancy and also I made sure that it is safe for me and my baby. I suggest all the expecting mommies to use chemical free products during your pregnancy. Let us see in detail about this Body Creme which helps in reducing stretch marks and scars and it is from the brand called Mama Earth.

About the Brand:

Mama Earth is an Indian Brand started by Ghazal and Varun who are parents themselves. The products are designed in such a way to make sure that its 100% safe on babies and moms to be.Who else other than parents could understand babies as well as mommies skin.!! Also the products are mum-baby friendly, toxin-free, meet stringent international standards & are basically ultra awesome. Its a brand, by a parent, for the parent. A brand which develops products from world class research and attempts to solve every little problem that we as parents face.

PRICE: 500 INR, 100ml

Shelf Life: 2 years

What The Product Claims:

1) It is a richly blended creme to gently and safely moisturize and nourish your stretching skin.

2) Conditions your belly with loads of cocoa, shea butter and amazing peptides.

3) Helps in reducing unwanted scars, maintains skin elasticity.

4) It is Dermatologically tested & Toxins Free.

5) The product is Phthalates free, Mineral oil Free, Paraben Free and SLS Free.


My Views About Mama Earth Rich Body Creme for Mama to be:

The product comes in a white plastic jar like container. It looks a huge tub but the product is less inside the tub. The consistency of this body creme is thick and comes in white color. It spreads very easily on my skin & gets quickly absorbed. The fragrance of shea butter aroma is so soothing, relaxing and uplifting. Also, this starts to fade very quickly and doesn’t linger for long.

Though the creme is very thick, it did not feel sticky at all which is a good part. And since it is toxin free, it did not irritate my skin in anyway. Infact, it helped to nourish my irritating stretchy skin during the entire pregnancy and the marks were at bay. I felt the skin was moist and hydrated for upto 7-8 hours.

The only con which I felt was the quantity. For the price and the quality, I guess they should have given more quantity as it gets over very quickly. I used to apply this creme twice in a day and it really helped in reducing the stretch mark and scarring issue.

Final Verdict:

Overall I would say that , its one of the best body creme product available for moms to be in Indian market. Since they contain natural ingredients they are safe on mommies as well as on babies.Its also a best gifting option for all the new mommies out there!!! They also have other products for moms to be which I will be reviewing them soon. Till then enjoy this blog post and have a healthy pregnancy..

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