Patanjali Haul Post -1 !!!!

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As we all know that Patanjali products have been widely used these days and even I am using some of them from quite long . As I shopped few products from their range , thought I will share what all i purchased and how much it costs and a slight review as I have used some of them.

Patanjali is an Indian brand  originated from the ideology of a person called Baba Ramdev and the products are basically made of at most natural ingredients.They contain less chemicals compared to other brands. They have a wide range of products in skin care, hair care, nutrition, health and wellness.

Now lets see What all i purchased…..


1) Patanjali Amla Juice

PRICE: 100 INR for 1Ltr

Amla is said to be great for your skin and hair. Consume 20ml everyday twice and you can see results in your hair and also in skin.


2)Patanjali Honey

PRICE: 70 INR for 250gms

Honey is widely used internally as well as externally by many. This is the purest form of honey available which I use it regularly for weight loss, in packs , masks and all.


3)Patanjali Neem and Tulsi Face wash

PRICE: 45 INR for 60gms

This is my second purchase of the face wash and I really liked it for the fact that it removes all dirt and oiliness on my face giving it a nice glow.


4)Patanjali Dant Kanti

PRICE: 40 INR for 100gms

I have been using this tooth paste from quite long. When I use this paste I can feel the ayurvedic ingredients used in this product like Neem, Cloves etc.. My mouth feels so refreshed after using this. 


5)Patanjali Haldi Chandan Kanti Body Cleanser

PRICE: 13 INR for 75gms

The body cleansers from Patanjali are my most favourites as they are affordable and effective in cleansing my body, also keeping me fresh and glowy. I always have one or the other variant in my bathroom.


6)Patanjali Neem Kanti Body Cleanser

PRICE: 15 INR for 75gms

This body cleanser is best suited for people suffering from pimple or acne. You can smell the neem flavour in this soap. These soaps come in convenient packaging so that you can carry it anywhere.


7)Patanjali AloeVera Gel

PRICE: 40 INR for 60ml

And last but not the least, one of the top selling and liked product of all, Yes it is Aloevera Gel which does a multitasking job to keep your skin, hair everything at bae.:)


Thats all for now. I hope you guys liked my mini haul post.Overall I really love all of these above products and highly recommend you to use it for yourself and for your family without a second thought. These products are safe and are affordable. Soon I will be purchasing many more products from their range.

If you guys want a detailed review for any of the above products you can let me know by commenting below. You can also buy these Patanjali products from local stores or online websites like amazon,purplle.

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