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I know many of us are tired of having cracked heels,  tanned feet , unhealthy nails and what not!!! Due to long hours of walking, standing for one or the work, pollution and sun damage , we often neglect to take care of feet which sometimes pains too. Most of us choose open footwear for most time of the year specially summers. Thereby we expose our precious feet to the dirt, grime and pollution. I hate the look of my feet after walking as I leave home with beautiful feet which are full of gunk when I return. My shopping sprees always give me tired feet even though I am tall enough not to wear heels.I sometimes try to soak my feet in warm water with some bath salts and it helps. But the effect of relief is only for sometime, after which again the same ugly feet.

I recently heard about cocktail pedicure and was super excited to find out what it was. Nail Lounge , a new nail studio that has opened in Bandra,Matunga and Thane, Mumbai was offering this unique treatment. I booked an appointment with them and was all set for this regime. I felt like a traveller trying to explore a new place.Last weekend visited this nail studio in Thane and here’s my review/ experience regarding the same.


The studio was super impressive and was beautifully decorated.The décor is quirky and stylish yet minimalistic. It was spacious and very neat – no overpowering aroma diffusers or anything. After a little chitchat with Manager Hiral about the cocktail spa, I realized that this is more like a luxury pedicure where you go a notch up to make the client feel a little more pampered. The seats were huge and pretty and had the look and feel like royal kings and queens.





My Experience:

My Husband and myself visited the nail studio last weekend in Thane and experienced the awesome Cocktail Pedicure which took about 1hr for the session each. The Procedure for Pedicure was quite unique. The process included following steps:

Removing nail paint from your toes if any.It all started with usual cutting, filing of nails. Later the feets were soaked in warm water for 2mins or so.The products for this cocktail pedicure comes in a kit which consists of a foot soak, scrub, nail cream, massage cream and moisturiser that all leave you fragrant like a martini. So ladies, if your partner loves cocktails, he’ll be happier to hold you in his arms after this session.

After soaking of feets, the process continued with deep cleaning of legs which included scrubbing, and also removing all dead cells from my feets . Then it was continued with a nice pack which was left for sometime to get dry. It was then washed with clean water followed by a nice massage with a good massage cream.

I really felt my legs were pampered nicely and I feel they definitely felt a lot more happier. The massage was a good relaxation for your tired legs and it was much needed indeed. They asked for a nail paint application but I liked it without any nail paint in that way.They have a lot of options in the pedicure like whitening, normal pedicure, french pedicure etc.. including nail extensions too for your toe fingers.

Overall I would like to say that, the pampering session for a my legs was a great deal. I really enjoyed my pedicure at the salon. Also special thanks to entire team of Nail  lounge who were very professional and at the same time had a very friendly gesture. The staff was awesome also played nice music during the session which was so calming.

I would definitely recommend you guys to visit this place atleast once to experience a luxurious treatment for your feet.This one falls into the luxurious pampering category and can be a good investment for special occasions and is a great gifting option too.They do have manicures and other nail services which I will be soon sharing my experience on the blog.


If you too want to visit the Nail Lounge, then here’s the address and website details so that you can book our appointments .And also dont forget to comment your experiences,



Nail Lounge, Bhamla House, Near Perry Cross Road, Bandra West

MUMBAI – 400054

Contact: 9819312312


Riddhi / Ishita

524/01, Commissariat building, Adenwala Road, Matunga East

MUMBAI – 400019

Contact : 9833657566 / 9819469999



Star Bazaar, Korum Mall, Thane West

THANE – 400606

Contact: 9987009400


Twitter id: – @mynaillounge

If you have questions / suggestions regarding this service / salon, you can always mail me or comment below.

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