Nyle Naturals Anti Dandruff Shampoo Review

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Recently I travelled to Bangalore and had to stay for few days there. Simultaneously I developed a itchiness in my scalp which turned into dandruff problem.

I kind of tried some home remedies but this time it was on a severe side and I wanted to get an instant relief from scalp itchiness and hairfall. Just in time I found this shampoo from Nyle lying in my bathroom vanity. Since it contained natural ingredients and was Paraben Free, felt like trying it out.

About The Brand: Nyle Naturals Shampoo is a product from Cavinkare.The Nyle Shampoo range addresses challenges your hair faces every day, bringing about a healthy balance from the inside and results in nourished, fantastic looking, problem-free hair. Nyle Naturals Shampoos,with the goodness of natural, wholesome ingredients works wonders for your hair.

Price: Rs.50 for 90ml



Nyle shampoo comes in a very simple cute small and tall tranparent bottles depending on the sizes. It has a neon green coloured translucent flip open top which is quite sturdy. The products are well packaged so no worries of spilling out.




The consistency of the shampoo is moderately creamy and looks white in colour. It lathers up very nicely so its easy to work with in the hair. The shampoo smells really fresh and has kind of a citrusy scent to it which I really like. The shampoo contains lemon, aloevera and curd which is mainly effective in fighting dandruff.



Claims by the Brand:

1.The shampoo is made with natural ingredients like Lemon, Aloevera and Curd.

2.Its Paraben free and also helps to soothen your scalp

3.Nyle shampoo helps to maintain pH balance of your hair to keep your dandruff problem in control

My Experience:

As I mentioned earlier, recently I was suffering from dandruff issues which was giving me a hard time like oily scalp, itchiness and hairfall. I use to feel so irritated and annoyed at times to scratch my head even after a shampoo. This actually made me to try this shampoo.

During the first use of the shampoo, I could really find the difference in my dandruff. The shampoo removes all dirt and oiliness and leaves your hair super clean. I have oily hair and after using this shampoo, I could see that it made my hair little dry which was okay. But I would suggest to use a conditioner for those who have normal to dry hair.

I had mainly a itching scalp and hairfall problem, which I guess this shampoo was successful in battling against it. I usually suffer from dandruff only due to weather changes. So I always keep handy a dandruff shampoo in my closet. This has definitely helped to come over the dandruff issue and also the hairfall problem. I also like the fresh citrus scent which lingers in my hair after each hair wash.


  • Travel Friendly
  • Affordable
  • Keeps dandruff at bay as long as your using it
  • Helps in maintaining the pH level of your scalp
  • Does not contain any parabens.
  • Made with natural ingredients like lemon, aloevera and curd which is good for fighting against dandruff.


  • Contains Sulphates which makes hair dry. So people having dry hair need to use conditioner.

Overall its a decent shampoo to try for your dandruff problem in your budget.It really keeps dandruff at bay for as long as you’re using it. I would also like to suggest for people who have normal to dry hair to use a conditioner which avoids making your hair drier.

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