Kuppies Dark Choco Brownie Review!!

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Its Navarathri season and I have bought a sweetful and sinful review for you all. Those who are Vegetarians like me and love brownies but always hesitated to eat thinking it contains egg. Then here’s a mouthful treat as these brownies contain no egg or no plain flour(maida).

About the Brand: These brownies are from an Indian brand called KUPPIES. They are mainly a dessert brand based out of Delhi/NCR which sells packaged snack cakes & similar desserts directly to consumers through hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores, as well as supplies to fast-food restaurants. Thier company is the largest supplier of Brownies in India and known for making Eggless cakes without compromising on texture, taste and quality of product.Kuppies is a Dessert Brand based in Delhi/NCR, India, which sells packaged snack cakes & similar desserts directly to consumers through hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores, as well as supplies to fast-food restaurants.



The brownie comes in a cup cake form. They come in single cup cake packaging in a red coloured cover. Inside which you will find the cup cake which is partially wrapped with a paper. Each piece weighs around 37 grams with 12 Delicious individually packed Brownies in each Box. Nitrogen is flushed into each Brownie Pouch before sealing it to ensure freshness and longer shelf life. The three-layer packaging protects the Brownie from contaminants. Each wrapper is labeled with complete ingredients and nutrition facts all as per FSSAI guidelines.




My Experiece:

I am a big Chocoholic and love to taste new products which are chocolatey. I guess its the same thing with everyone. I was very excited to try these brownies for the fact that it does not contain any egg which implies that its 100% vegetarian. Nowadays we know that its not good to consume all purpose flour/maida as it may result in early puberty, obesity, diabetes, and increase the risk of causing heart attacks. And the best part about these Kuppies Brownies are , they do not contain all purpose flour and instead it is made up of Wheat flour which contains lot of nutrients.

The brownies look so yummy that you feel like having it, the moment you see it. As soon as I tasted the brownie, I just fell in love instantly . These brownies just melt in your mouth as soon as you have it. The richness of the product makes you feel heavenly indulging in a chocolatey world. These brownies are very soft , chocolatey and contain yummy choco chips which you feel while eating.Even though it is moist,it still retains for 60 days without refrigeration. They also have different variants and options in desserts like muffins,cupcakes,cakes and much more.

The brand is also been honoured with lot of prestigious awards and also certified as safe by different bureau. As I have seen, the people those who have tasted this have given a very good feedback.

PRICE: 18 INR per piece of 37gms


Kuppies uses the highest quality and freshest ingredients to make Brownies. Some of the Raw Materials are sourced from various parts of the world to ensure the taste of a traditional Brownie.

Wheat flour, Filtered Water, Palmolein oil, Sugar, Corn Flour, Cocoa Solid, Dark Compound Chocolate, Milk Solids, Raising Agent (INS 500ii), Preservatives (INS 200,INS 202, INS281, INS 282), Salt, Emulsifiers (INS 471,INS 472e, INS 477), Stabilizer(INS 412), Contains Added Natural and Nature Identical Flavor.


Shelf Life: 60 days from date of Manufacturing


  • Affordable
  • Its 100% Veg
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Tastes Good
  • Its healthy too as it contains wheat flour


  • I dont think there are any cons.

Overall I would say its an affordable, healthy and yummy brownie which you must try .You can also buy these brownies from below mentioned websites. Also if you need any help/suggestions regarding their products do comment below or send email or you can contact me on any social media.


facebook id: http://www.facebook.com/kuppies.in

Ph: +91 9810324999

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