HERB ISLAND Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Serum : Review

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Today I will be sharing my reviews about a hair serum which is from the brand called HERB ISLAND. I have already reviewed their face wash in my previous post please do check.

About The Brand: Australia is considered to be a island continent.  Some of the most unique animals and plants can be found here, which is why it isn’t much of a stretch to call it the Herb Island! Inspired by the lush vegetation of Australia, Herb Island brings you superfood that is also super healthy and all natural. The products from this brand are 100% Vegan, Eco Friendly, Cruelty Free and No harmful chemicals used which damages your skin.

Price : 399 INR for 100ml

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Shelf life: 24 months


The hair serum comes in an attractive packaging. It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a pump dispenser and a black lid which is very sturdy and travel friendly.

Fragrance and Texture:

This is a fragranted hair serum with lightweight texture. It smells quite pleasant, mildly sweet. Texture wise it is a clear gel which spreads easily over hair. The consistency is not too thick or thin, its kind of gel type and also non sticky but requires to wash hands afterwards. Also it gets easily absorbed by your hair and does not feels greasy or oily which is a good part.

How To Use:

  • First part your hair in two sections.
  • Take a few drops and evenly apply on damp hair, towel dried or dry hair.(avoid using on your scalp)
  • Comb with your fingers to remove tangles gently and then brush your hair to evenly disturb the product.


Benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil:

Its been a while since that people are extensively using shampoos or other hair care products infused with Moroccan Argan Oil. For centuries, women across the Mediterranean have used argan oil in their beauty regimen for vibrant, healthy-looking skin and hair.

MOROCCANOIL was inspired by the transformative power of Argan oil. Rich in Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this age old beauty secret has many uses, helping to hydrate and soften your hair, face and body and nails

With its high content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin E, the benefits of Argan oil naturally help revitalize skin, increase hairs elasticity and consistently restore shine to dull, lifeless hair. It is a powerful antioxidant, UV-protector and free radical neutralizer.

Argan Oil for hair leaves it beautiful shiny and nourished hair with each use. It luxuriously hydrates and infuses the hair with moisture for your ends.

My Experience:

I have a oily scalp and dry ends. Even though I wash my hair with lots of conditioner, still I suffer from dry, frizzy and rough ends. I have tried applying oil and all other home remedies to get that shiny silky and frizz free hair but completely not satisfied with the result.In the past  I have used many hair serums from the brands like Matrix, Loreal, Livon and much more. Few of them I liked and few dint. But I always quest for a new product which is always better than the previous. And finally landed to this product from the brand HERB ISLAND. Already I have reviewed their face wash and I like it.(Check out my blog for more info).

Since the product claims that it contains Moroccan Argan oil, also it is mineral free and paraben free, it made me to try this product. I used this product on my damp hair and I must say the consistency was so light that it did not feel greasy or sticky. After the application ,I felt my hair was so soft and shiny and also there was no tangles at all. It has a sweet flowery scent which lingered on my hair for hours.

I have also used on my dry hair and the difference what i felt was that , it takes quite a lot of product and if incase you end up using little bit more then you will definitely feel oily or greasy. So I felt better using on my damp hair as the moisture allows only limited part of serum to get absorbed.

Additionally, this serum protects your hair from sun damage and pollution which is much needed as the summers are already started. The best part is , it did not give me any hair fall or other hair related issues as it contains all natural ingredients.


  • Mineral oil & Paraben Free
  • Leaves your hair shiny and smooth
  • Has a nice scent
  • Eco Friendly, Cruelty free
  • Controls frizz and dry ends
  • Protects from pollution and sun
  • Works as heat protecting serum


  • Little Pricey
  • Availability

Overall I liked this product and would highly recommend this to everyone for the fact that it is all natural and effectively works on your hair to reduce friziness and protect your hair from further damage .I hope you liked this review on the hair serum and if you have tried this hair serum or any other serums , share your thoughts below in the comments to help each other.

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If you have questions / suggestions regarding this product, you can always mail me or comment below.

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