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Everyone wants to be fit but without doing any exercise. When ever we start our diet , we always think about unhealthy options like pizza, chats , chocolates etc. It becomes so diificult to satisfy our cravings during any diet or in a run of being fit. So today I have come up with a healthy and tasty review which helps your cravings to stay at bae without that extra calories.

About The Brand : Nutty Gritties is influenced by its family legacy in the nuts and spices industry since 1887. Being born in an award-winning entrepreneurship business plan at University of Southern California, the brand got its global start! We, at Nutty Gritties, wanted to change the traditional nut to suit the modern day consumer’s health and taste preferences.

We believe that we have the ability of creating the best gourmet healthy snacks with the finest taste, and are constantly innovating flavours with varying customer preferences. Our team is focused on satisfying the customer needs to the fullest, and in that process create a network of extremely passionate persons. Our aim is to provide a healthier alternative to snacking by using 100% natural ingredients, dry roasting our products and preserving its health benefits.


They have different product categories such as:

  • Daily Needs
  • Premium Range
  • Yum Range
  • Gourmet & Trail Mixes
  • PreMade Munch Boxes
  • Gift-A-Gritties

Out of these , I will be sharing my experience with the following snack option which was sent to me.


Ingredients: Almonds, Peanuts, Cashews, Edible Gum, Permitted Natural Added Flavours

Price: 60 INR, 40gms




Expiry Date: Best Before 6 months from Date Of Manufacturing

This snack contains a mix of almonds, peanuts and cashews which falvours a chilli taste. They tasted just ok to me ,to be very frank. I felt it wasnt the normal chilli taste, but i guess it contained some thai style of chilli flavour.


Ingredients: Sunflower Seeds,Chickpeas,Dried Mango,Raisins, Pumpkin seeds ,Cashew nuts, Sugar, Black salt, Iodised salt and  Permitted Natural Added Flavours

Price: 60 INR, 40gms




Expiry Date: Best Before 6 months from Date Of Manufacturing

This snack contains the micture of all the above ingredients mentiones. It tasted perfect for me, as it contained right amout of salt and flavour. The raisins in bewteen gives a kind of tangy flavour which is quite good. Overall I liked this one.


Ingredients: Sunflower Seeds,Dehydrated Apple, Raisins, Pumpkin seeds ,Sugar, Cinnamon Powder, Iodised salt and  Permitted Natural Added Flavours

Price: 60 INR, 40gms





Expiry Date: Best Before 6 months from Date Of Manufacturing

I actually felt the flavour of Cinnamon when I tasted this. Even though not a great fan of Apple or Cinnamon , I like this snack for the fact that it is healthy and makes you feel full. Cinnamon on the other hand is said to help in loosing weight. Overall , taste wise it was just okie for me.

These Healthy Snacks are definitely different from the ones we were having till date. Sometimes the healthy snacks can be good but we need to always see what goes into your body will get appear outside. These snacks contain a great nutrition which is needed by the body and helps you feel full and stops your cravings for junk foods. Junk food always tastes good but it is always unhealthy. In this snacks , they havent used any kind of oil or its neither fried, so it becomes very healthy option to have.

Nutty gritties snancks are very affordable and has wide range of products to choose from which you never want to miss out. If you are bored of trying same old snacks, then you must switch to these healthy snacks . I must say that the packaging of these products are also very good . They come in well completely sealed covers which helps to keep the products and the taste in tact.


  • Affordable
  • Wide range of flavours
  • travel friendly
  • Nice packaging
  • Few snacks tastes really good.
  • Healthy snack
  • Contains nutritional values
  • Cuts your hunger and makes you full


  • Few snack doesn’t taste good but it is healthy.

Overall I feel they are unique, healthy and great snack option for your Munchings..!!!!!

You can buy their products from the below mentioned website link , also if you need any help/suggestions regarding their products do comment below or send email or you can contact me on any social media.

Instagram id: @nuttygritties

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