Healthy Diet To Lose Weight Specially after Delivery

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Today I am going to share a diet plan which you can follow if you want to lose weight in a healthy way.I myself followed this diet plan when I wanted to lose weight after having a C-Section delivery.I had done lot of research before adopting this diet so you dont have to worry.

It took me about 2 months to lose 10kgs of weight.I advice you all to lose weight slowly and this will be safe. If you lose weight suddenly by doing a high diet and when you are back to the routine then definitely you will gain weight soon.

Note:Let me clear one thing that I am not a dietician ,this is something which I followed to lose weight. If your suffering from any severe health issues,kindly consult your doctor before following.


The diet plan will be same for almost everyday except Saturday and Sunday.


  • Drink one glass of warm water with Lemon+Honey.
  • After one hour you can have your tea or coffee.


  • For Breakfast you can have poha,upma,idli,multigrain or plain dosa,Bread omlette,Corn chaat,Bread sevpuri,
  • After breakfast try having one cup of green tea.


  • For Lunch:one roti,sabzi,rice(one small cup) along with dal,salad.


  • Evening have 2 marie biscuits along with coffee/tea.
  • If you feel hungry between your meals ,you can have roasted chana/a fruit,cucumber.


  • For Dinner have 2 rotis, sabzi with some salad.(Try avoiding rice at night)

Saturdays and Sunday you can have one cheat meal and rice. But weekdays completely avoid junk foods,fried foods or anything from outside.You can alter things here and there.Initially it will be difficult but if you follow strictly for 2 weeks then automatically your body will get used to this and you will not feel hungry.You need a strong will power to control your temptations.

The most important thing is exercise. Try to walk atleast half an hour in morning and evening.This will effectively help to reduce weight.

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If you have questions / suggestions regarding this diet plan, you can always mail me or comment below. Also if you would like to know diet plan for various health issues or situations like for office people/college gals then let me know.

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  1. Mushkil to hai per namumkin nahi aapne kar dikhaya
    Main bhi try karungi, lakin dheery dheery hi kam kar paungi kyunki age n health dono factor hain

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