Review:Handmade Soaps By Soap Factory

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These days Handmade soaps are in trend, since they are natural, free from any chemicals, can be customised according to your skin types and also affordable too. This post is all about Handmade Soaps.

About The Brand: Soap Factory is an Indian brand , based out of Pune. Its owned by Mrs.Jayshree Rukhana. She makes amazing soaps which comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. She can also customise the soaps according to your preferences. These soaps contain no chemicals and they are safe on skin and also gives a good moisture.



Each soap comes in different size, shape and colour according to the flavours. The soaps comes in thin plastic wrapping with the logo of the brand which is Soap Factory. You dont find any details regarding the ingredients, price or anything on the packaging.



The soaps are very smooth and soft. They contain natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Almond Oil,Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Essential oils.It has mild fragrance according to the flavours like lemon, neem etc.





My Experience:

Mrs.Jayshree Rukhana was very kind enough to send these awesome handmade soaps to me review purpose. The soaps looked very attractive as they were in different sizes and shapes. They were infact very cute. Soaps are always an integral part of your bathroom. Even though we have shower gels , some people still prefer using soaps . I personally use both shower gels and soaps depending on my mood.

I have used many handmade soaps in past and the experience was good. I like to try products from different brands , so that I can come with different options for you guys.I can only say that these soaps are very affordable and gives a nice moisture to your skin without giving any skin irritation. They are safe to use, looks very cute in your bathroom and the best part is , you can customise your own soaps according to your preferences.



  • Affordable
  • Natural and Handmade
  • Travel Friendly
  • Gives a nice lather
  • Moisturises your skin well
  • They are free from any chemicals or parabens
  • Can be customised according to your needs.
  • Good gifting option


  • No details mentioned on the packaging

Overall I like the quality and quantity of the soaps for the price being paid. They can also be a good gifting options for any occasions. You can even ask for a customised soaps and packaging for any occasions. If you want order these kind of soaps then you can contact her on below mentioned number.

You can call them at 9821924128 or 9769310777 .

Instagram Id: @jayshree_rukhana

If you have questions / suggestions regarding this products, you can always mail me or comment below.

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  1. I like handmade soaps and these soaps soundwound very nice in terms of price and quality but I didn’t like the packaging…

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