Easy to make Basundi Dessert!!


  1. Whole Milk 1ltr
  2. Cashew nuts
  3. Almonds
  4. Pista
  5. Saffron(Kesar)
  6. Sugar 1/4 th cup

How to Make:

First take milk in a pan and allow it to boil on a medium flame.After it boils , add quarter cup of sugar, chopped cashew nuts, almonds , pista and little saffron. Now keep it to boil once again on low flame. Keep Stirring  the milk in between until it becomes almost 1/4th of it.

Once the milk becomes 1/4th of it, turn off the gas and allow it to cool for some time so that the consistency becomes thick.You can also keep it in fridge if needed. After half an hour you can serve the yummy yummy Basundi!!!! You can also garnish it with some nuts on top of it while serving…..



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