ZOFLA 100% Pure Rose Water Review

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In the past I have told you about , how to prepare rose water at home and what are the benefits of it. Please refer to my older posts for more information.

Sometimes its difficult for lot of us to everytime prepare rose water at home since we might have lot of constraints like time, buying fresh roses and much more. So for people who cannot prepare rose water at home they might find numerous brands of rose water in the market. But I must tell you that before buying any rose water , make sure its 100% pure and does not contain any added fragrance, parabens or any other harmful chemicals which might affect your skin in the long run.

Today I will be sharing my reviews on this amazing rose water from the brand called Zofla which claims to be 100% pure. Zofla is an Indian brand which deals with organic and chemical free products related to skin. They contain essential oils, face mask and much more.

PRICE: Rs. 180 for 100ml


The rose water comes in a white plastic bottle with spraying mechanism. The plastic is of good quality and sturdy so there is no chance of spillage. Since its in spray form, its convenient to spray onto your face and there is no wastage of the product too.


As it claims to be 100% pure rose water, it smells exactly like roses which is not so empowering . I like its mild fragrance of roses which gives a soothing and and calming experience. It does not contain any added fragrance which is a good part.

My Experience:

I have used many rose water from different brands like Patanjali, Dabur Ghulabari, Kama Ayurveda. And it all has performed well but I felt Kama Ayurveda was much better than all until I tried rose water from Zofla. The rose water from this brand is made up from fresh roses of Kannauj. The Kannauj roses are considered special and it is always compared with Bulgarian roses.

I use rose water mainly as a toner to tighten my pores. I have been using this rose water from past two weeks and whenever i spritz this on my face it gives a refreshing feel and also it has helped to get a brighter complexion. Sometimes I wonder how its possible but when I researched about this , I got to know that when you close your open pores it will help in reducing acne, blemishes and much more skin issues. When there are no skin issues , obviously your skin is going to look great and also due to its natural ingredient like rose helps to achieve that pinkish glow.

Since its travel friendly, I do carry this in my handbag and just spray whenever my skin looks dull and tiring. No matter what the season is, we always wish to look glowing isnt?!!. In summers I prefer keeping this rose water bottle in refrigerator because it gives an amazingly cooling effect when used on dull tired skin. This makes me use this wonderful refreshing rose water even more because of the cooling effect it gives in hot summers.

This is a must have product in your bag to refresh your skin with just one press. Also I feel its worth buying this rose water for the price being paid as it can be used in multiple ways and I am definitely buying it again.


  1. Its 100% pure rose water
  2. No added chemicals or fragrance
  3. No parabens
  4. Gives a refreshing feel to face
  5. Affordable
  6. Maintains the pH level of your skin
  7. Can be used in many ways
  8. Travel Friendly


  1. Not easily available everywhere

Overall I love this product and I feel its a must have in your skin care routine to get that glow and refreshing look all the time. The best part is that it can be used in many ways i.e as a toner, refreshing mist, primer or makeup setting spray.

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  1. Rose water to itne saalo se sabhi beauty conscious logo ka favorite raha hai ye brand bhi kaafi accha hai
    Honest review

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