Review:Dazzle Face Mask From Fuschia

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We have tons of face masks in the market. I personally get so confused at times to decide which one to buy. Each face mask has different kind of benefits for the skin. Today I will be sharing my opinion about a most well known brand Fuschia from Vkare.

About The Brand: Fuschia Vkare is a brand that provides skin care products which are handmade,SLS,phthalate and parabeen free. They are also cruelty free products which are natural,organic and not tested on animals. Its an Indian Brand!!!!




It comes in small plastic tub like container which is transparent. Its very handy and travel friendly.



The mask is beige in color or off white. The texture is very smooth and thick paste like consistency. It smells a decent or mild rose and sandal flavour.




My Experience:

First of all I need to say that the packaging is really good and compact which can be carried easily anywhere . Its a thick paste which can be applied smoothly all over your face and neck without a mess. Just leave for 15 – 20 mins and you can get a nice glowing skin. It contains all natural ingredients like Rose Water, China Clay which helps you in tightening your skin and giving it a nice radiance.

I have used this mask for about 2- 3 times and it has not given any kind of negative reactions. Its very safe to use on your skin. After the application your skin does not feel dry or irritating like any other mask. It also moisturises your skin as it contains glycerine and aloevera. Sandalwood powder and Saffron Extract helps to give a nice glow to your skin.

PRICE: 450 INR for 100 gms


Rose Water, Kaolin Light,China Clay,Glycerin,Aloe Vera,Bentonite Powder,Oatmeal Powder,Vitamin B, Sandalwood Powder,Saffron Extract


  1. Its chemical and parabeen free
  2. Travel Friendly
  3. Makes your skin soft and glowing
  4. Gentle on skin
  5. No artificial synthetic perfumes
  6. 100% natural and vegetarian


  1. Little bit pricey

Overall Its a good face mask which cleans your skin ,makes it soft and gives a nice glow .They also have different variants to try for.If you are a natural and organic products lover then you must try products from this brand.You can buy their products from their website!!!

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