Review: TATHA Haldi Chandan Face Pack By Vedic Collection

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Skin care is the most important part of our daily regime. But due to lack of time , it becomes so difficult to take care of it.I suggest you guys to take atleast 10 mins of your time in a week to give that extra love and care to your skin. After all the most biggest organ of our body is Skin.

I will be always in the quest of trying new skin care products so that I can come with a numerous options to choose from for your skin. The face pack which I will be reviewing you today is the most amazing product which I have come across. You can actually see instant results after using it.


About The Brand: Tatha- Vedic Collection is an Indian Brand .Vedic Collection combines the enchantment of the old world with an alluring selection of aromatherapy skincare, herbal clothing, and hair & body treatments to calm the mind, soothe the soul and renew the spirit.Categorized into Tatha, Samaya and Vastram, we’ve got a sumptuous array of ready-to-use, natural and organic products with just about everything that a body needs to feel loved and pampered.

“Tatha” has been derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “Blessings”. It means a divine blessing. We believe that God has bestowed Mother Nature with infinite blessings that are sufficient enough for each living soul. We believe in harnessing the power of these natural ingredients and bring the blessings to you!


It comes in dark blue coloured jar. The jar contains a plastic separator which keeps the product  safe from spilling out. The jar contains all the details regarding ingredients, and how to use. Its kind of bit heavy to carry around.





The face pack is in powder form and it is light pale yellow in color. The powder is finely milled but yet when applied on skin, after drying out feels like a scrub. The powder feels very smooth and light and gets dissolved quickly in water. I feel only little is enough for the face ,as it is very finely powdered. The face pack smells like camphor, as camphor in the face pack has strong scent.





How to Use:

I just take a little amount of face pack may be like one tbsp into a bowl. You can add either plain water, rose water or milk to make it a medium consistency which means not thick nor runny. Apply this face pack all over your face and neck and leave it until its dry or for about 10mins. After it gets dried up completely, remove the face pack by dabbing some water onto the face . Now slightly massage the face in circular motion to remove it easily.

I suggest not to rub it harshly to remove it.Another option to remove this face pack is to use a wet tissue and just wipe it off. You can actually see an instant glow in your face.

My Experience:

Whenever there is some weddings, parties or any other special occasions, we all want that instant glow on our face. We might have used many face packs for the same which might contain lot of chemicals in it. But this face pack has all that natural ingredients like Gram Flour, Sandalwood powder, Rose petal powder which are said to be good to our skin since ages to get that glow on our skin.

I have used this pack for about 4-5 times and everytime I use it , I can see a nice instant glow and radiance in my skin. This pack also helps in removing tan and pigmentation from your skin. Not only that, it also makes your skin smooth. On regular use of this face pack, you can get rid of pimples too. I suggest you using this face pack twice a week to get that healthy looking skin.

Unlike some face packs, this does not pull the skin after drying. It washes off easily. The smell of it is so relaxing and calming that I feel refreshed after washing it off.Generally some packs make the skin feel very tight after rinsing it off, but I did not face that problem with this one. I follow it with a mild moisturizer.It makes the skin feel brighter, smoother and supple. My T-zone generally becomes oily pretty soon. It reduces my T-zone becoming oily for a couple of days after use.

PRICE: 450 INR, 50gms





  • Contains Natural Ingredients
  • Its Chemical free, paraben free and not tested on animals.
  • Has a nice camphor scent
  • Feels very refreshed after using this
  • Gives instant glow to your skin
  • Makes your skin soft and supple
  • Suitable for all skin types especially oily
  • Does not dry out the skin.
  • Does not irritate the skin or cause breakouts.


  • Its bit on the pricier side.
  • Not easily available, needs to be ordered online.
  • If you have super dry skin then you must moisturise your skin after this pack is removed.

Overall I liked this face pack for the reason being its natural, safe for skin and gives that instant glow which I always like to have.I wish they would release these type of packs in smaller sizes at a lesser price so that we can try more such packs.

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