MyIslandKiss Organic Lip Moisturisers Review

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Today I going to share a review about one of my top favourite lip balm/ lip Moisturisers which is also highly appreciated by my fellow bloggers and other friends.


About the Brand: These lip balms are from a brand called My Island Kiss . Its an Indian Brand who produce organic lip balms which are paraben, phalates, petroleum, pafree, sulphates-free . The packaging, quality and the price makes it unique from other lip balms in the market.



This is the most interesting part to which I was attracted the most.The outer packaging of the lip balm has amazing lady pop art which quite resembles to that of The Balm Cosmetics .They come in  squeezy lip tube with a screw top cap which makes it travel friendly. They come in 3 variants and each with different colour.




These organic, cold-pressed lip moisturizers are made using essential oils, plant botanicals and rich butters. The formula is intensely hydrating and slightly oily on application because of exotic ingredients like Tropical Kokkum and mango butter, beeswax, carrot seed oil, castor oil, vitamin E oil, macadamia nut oil. The product literally glides effortlessly on the lips and does not gather in the creases of the lips. Also, the Stevia which contains sweetness added to it makes this yummy product.



My Experience:

This product was sent by the company for review purpose. If you had followed me from quite long , then you must be knowing that I have dry and chapped lips. So I always like to experiment with lip balms in the market.This lip balm got my attention for the fact that they are organic. Nowadays there is a lot of hype going on using organic products as they are safe using by anyone and does not harm your skin in long run.

It contains natural and organic oils like castor oil, Vitamin E oil, carrot seed oil which helps in moisturising of lips. It also contains Avocado and mango butter which helps in healing the damage or dryness of your lips. Usually lip balms are made with beeswax, but in this product it contains organic beeswax which makes it as completely organic lip balm and safe to use. I have dry , chapped lips and it really did wonders on my lips. This truly helps in moisturising your lips and also helps to overcome the pigmentation. It stays for about 3- 4 hours on your lips. The variant Puerto Berry Blush is my favourite out of all, cos after its disappeared , still you can find a slight rosy stain on your lips. As it contains lot of different types of oils , you can see it and feel oily when it is applied. I recommend you to apply this mostly at night as it will have more impact.This product is a perfect base when you are using a matte lipstick. Other than the fact that its quite expensive , it truly helps in repairing your lips.

Rs. 399/- for Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender
img_20161007_190019_1475853257631`Rs. 399/- for Cherry Blossom Flores
Rs. 499/- for Puerto Berry Blush




  • Its Organic lip balm
  • Very safe to use
  • Travel Friendly
  • Contains natural essentials oils
  • Gives you well moisturised and hydrated lips
  • Heals any damage on your lips


  • Its bit pricey
  • Staying power is bit less
  • Pigmentation of Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender and Cherry Blossom Flores is bit less compared to Puerto Berry Blush

Overall I would say its a good investment that you can make on a lip balm if you have extremely dry/chapped lips. And also since its organic , you can use it without a second thought. If you need any help/suggestions regarding their products do comment below or send email or you can contact me on any social media.

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