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Today I will be sharing my review about a brand called SNALTHY who make amazing snacks which are healthy to eat anytime anywhere.

There are various situations where people feel hungry like in travelling , if you are on diet,when kids are back from their school or when your at home and sipping that hot tea in the evening and want to eat something light.Nowadays people are very conscious about their calories and health issues so they will be search of healthy options. Also they say that eating fried foods, junk foods is very unhealthy. To overcome such situations now you can eat snacks Befikre. How? Read the post completely…..

About the Brand:  Snalthy is an Indian Gourmet Food Company which provides healthy and tasty snacks. These snacks are made up of natural ingredients with no added color, chemicals or preservatives. They also use whole wheat and other ingredients like nuts , tomatoes, fenugreek, millets etc… which are said to be good for your health.

Snalthy has a wide range of products from cookies, bars, spicy sticks, baked chips, rusk, biscottis and much more. They also use raw sugar instead of refined sugar. The best part about these snacks is that they are rich in fibres and proteins and also has high nutritional values which helps to maintain your health and stops your cravings from unhealthy eating habits.




I really like the packaging of their snacks which comes in a plastic sealed packets. It has a zip lock option which keeps your snacks from staling and safe from any bacteria. The zip lock option also makes it convenient to preserve the snacks crispy and fresh after each use. These packets can be carried anywhere .


My Experience:

They had sent me two different snacks to try out.

CRISPY BROWNIE THINS:Chocolate-y thin brownies are sprinkled with chocolate chips made from natural cocoa powder & rasins makes your mouth flooded with choclatey melts of brownie.

They taste exactly like brownies which are crispy. Its a perfect healthy snack made out of whole wheat avoiding maida/all purpose flour which is said to be unhealthy.






Cane Sugar, Egg, Butter, Whole Wheat, Cashew, Cocoa, Cinnamon

Nutritional Values Per 100 gram:

1 Energy(Kcal) 215.26
2 Protein(g) 6.06
3 Monounsaturated fatty acids(g) 9.18
4 Poly unsaturated fatty acids(g) 7.33
5 Saturated fatty acids(g) 5.26
6 Carbohydrates(g) 42.01
7 Sugars(g) 15.00
8 Total Fat 24.4

SPICY MEXICAN CHIPS: A special mix of powdered tomato with potato chips are commonly served as a snack, side dish, or appetizer. Potato is rich source of potassium

Mexican dishes are usually spicy and tangy and these chips are not so spicy but yet not too bland. They are moderately spicy. I felt they are like any spicy sticks which are good to munch.




Net Weight: 85 Grams


Potato, Rice, Butter, Tomato, Salt, Red Chilli

Nutritional Values Per 100 gram:

1 Energy(Kcal) 337.6
2 Protein(g) 4.6
3 Carbohydrates(g) 72.04
4 Sugars(g) 2
5 Dietary Fibre(g) 1
6 Total Fat 8

Overall I would like to say that these snacks are not only healthy but are delicious too. They are the perfect option to overcome your light hungriness, they not only  help you to feel full but also provides a good nutrition to your body which is needed in this busy life. I always carry a packet of these snack in my bag cos you never know when you feel hungry.

I loved these 2 flavours so much that , I am planning to try other variants from the brand. Trust me you will not feel guilty anymore for your hunger or eating habits. I would highly suggest you guys to try these healthy snacks from Snalthy and try to avoid junk food or other contaminated street food which causes dangerous diseases.

If you want to buy any of these snacks then you can visit  the below link:


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