Moddy’s Chocolates Review

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Today its turn for some sweet reviews. Confused? Yeah today I am going to review about some handmade chocolates and some other products from the brand Moddy’s.

About The Brand:

The Modern store was founded on December 15th 1951 by Mr Janardhan Rao in Ooty, Tamilnadu. Modern store sold exclusive food items and condiments and with the help of a few cooks who worked for the erstwhile British,

Mr Janardhan Rao started making and selling homemade chocolates. Thus Moddys chocolates was firmly established, Family owned and based in Ooty, Tamilnadu, Moddys chocolates has over 67 years of experience and prides itself on being one of best Indian company that manufactures courveture homemade chocolates which is 100% vegetarian.

My Experience:

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Everyone from kids to grands love chocolates. Being a chocolate lover, I was way too excited to talk about this. If you have ever visited Ooty then you might know that this place is famous for handmade chocolates. Handmade chocolates are safe and tastes better than the ones you get in the market. Also these handmade chocolates will be more affordable .

Coming to Moddy’s chocolates, they have wide range of products:

1.Heritage Collection:

Price: Rs.120/240 for 60grams/120grams6/12pcs

Expiry Date: Best before 3 months from date of manufacturing

They come in cardboard packaging. This collection has 6 different assorted chocolates in a separated plastic tray. Each chocolate is gold foiled and packed in food grade gift boxes which also makes it a perfect gifting option The chocolates has exact level of sweetness which is great. They do come in different shapes which makes it so attractive like any high end chocolates.


Price: Rs.120/240 for 60grams/120grams6/12pcs

Expiry Date: Best before 3 months from date of manufacturing

The packaging is all same as that of Heritage Collection. I must tell you that these flavors are one of my all time favourites. These chocolates was little less sweetened compared to heritage collection . It tasted little bitter,since they are mainly dark chocolates and a few milk ones which I thoroughly enjoyed.It also contains some nuts and comes with assortment of soft centre’s which makes it tastier.

3.Moddy’s Nutty Delight-Espresso Dragee:

Price:  Rs. 120 /50g

Expiry Date: Best before 6 months from date of manufacturing

These chocolates come in plastic zip lock. I love the packaging as the chocolates remain safe in this zip lock pouch and also can be carried anywhere in your bag. These nutty delights are great for munching in snack time anywhere anytime. These dragees are basically Arabica coffee beans which are coated with dark chocolate. They are a perfect amalgamation of coffee and dark chocolate. So if you are a coffee lover then this snack is a great option. They are very crunchy and you can actually taste the lovely coffee beans when you eat it.

4.Moddy’s Nutty Delight-Almond Dragee:

Price: Rs 120,50g

Expiry Date: Best before 6 months from date of manufacturing

The packaging is same as that of Moddy’s Nutty Delight in Espresso Dragee. As the name suggests, these Delights are small chocolates where the almonds are coated with milk chocolate. Its great for your tea time snack or parties to go with.

5.Moddy’s Honey Delight:

Price: Rs 120,50g

Expiry Date: Best before 6 months from date of manufacturing

The packaging is same as that of Moddy’s Nutty Delight in Espresso Dragee. These delights have honeycomb infused within these small cute chocolate balls. All these nutties are great for munching during your  travel.

6.Moddy’s Hot Chocolate Powder:

Price: Rs 160, 200gms

If you love hot chocolate then you must try this powder. Just add one spoon of hot chocolate powder in one glass of milk . Now sit back and enjoy a wonderful hot drink in this chilly weather. Since the chocolate powder is sweet , you don’t need any additional sweeteners. If you love to have your drinking chocolate wherever you go , then you can just carry this. Also the packaging is good as it comes in zip lock paper pouch.

7.Moddy’s Dip ‘n’ Sip:

Price: Rs. 300, 300gms(10pcs)

I know there are so many hot chocolate lovers out there like me .Sometimes it becomes too difficult to find your perfect cup of hot chocolate wherever you go. We all have heard about tea bags but I guess this is the first time ever you will be seeing a dip for hot chocolate. Yes its true..!!! Now just use this Dip n Sip sticks to enjoy your hot chocolate wherever you go. Just dip this stick in a cup of milk and you are good to sip your hot chocolate in just seconds. And yeah you don’t need any additional sweeteners as these dips contain sugar.

8.Moddy’s Dark Chocolate:

Price: Rs 230,100g

Dark Chocolates are the perfect desserts if your in a journey to lose weight and still crave for some sweet things. Whenever I am on diet I just have one byte of dark chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth craving. They taste little bitter which I like. The best part is they are affordable for the quality and quantity what you get.

9.Moddy’s Granola:

We all have heard about granola bars. They are nothing but healthy bars which you can munch when your hungry. Similarly Moddy’s Granola comes in small chocolate clusters with a golden wrap. When you eat this granola, you can feel all the nuts which is said to be healthy.

Overall I love the entire collection from this brand. And I would highly recommend to you guys to try their collections. Since raksha bandhan festival is coming soon, this can be a great gifting option too. They do have some exciting offers on their products.

Do check out their website  if you want to buy.

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