LetsShave.com Eve Soft Touch 6 Razor Review

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Hair Removal for girls have always been a tiresome task. Whether going to a salon, time taken to wait for removing hair cream, or trying expensive epilators. All consume more time or they are expensive.To get rid of all these worries, I have come up with a solution of shaving those unwanted hair using a Shaving Razor from Letsshave.com.

I know many girls still think that shaving can make your hair grow faster,cause skin irritation or skin darkening especially underarms,or could give you cuts on the skin while shaving.All these things could be true if you dont buy a right product or follow right techniques/process before and after shaving.

About the Brand: Letsshave.com sells amazing shaving solutions to both men and women. They provide quality shaving razors, cartridges,creams etc.. on an affordable price too.



It comes in a cardboard box packaging with handle, cartridge and shaving foam. The handle and the cartridge is pink in color and made of fine quality plastic . The handle is designed in a such a way that it makes your shaving experience so smooth and perfect. The cartridge is oval in shape and comes in a separate container to store , making it free from any rusting or impurities sitting on it.The has a small button which needs to be pressed to remove the cartridge.The blades are placed very close to give you a smooth and perfect shaving.The head of the razor adjusts itself and removes hair quickly.







Tips before Shaving:

  • Always make sure that you scrub your skin before shaving.
  • Either use a homemade scrub(mixture of coconut oil,lemon juice and sugar) or you can even use a scrubber/loofah for the that.
  • Scrubbing helps your skin to open your pores and remove any dead cells which in turn helps in smooth shaving.
  • Whenever you shave always do it in opposite direction of hair growth. This helps in removing the ingrown hair and also slows down the hair growth.
  • After shaving always use a good body lotion, body butter or even coconut oil to moisturise your skin. This helps in getting rid of skin irritation/itching after the shave.
  • Shaving causes dehydration to your skin, so it a must that you moisturise it well after the shave.

My Experience:

Before using shaving razor I was very much apprehensive about the product. But when I received the product and did research on it, I was way too excited to try it. The most best part about this razor is that , it not only removes your hair, it also provides moisture and smoothness to your skin while shaving which I haven’t found in any other razor.The handle has a nice grip and provides at most smooth shaving experience . I really dint feel any difficulties in shaving or neither it gave any problems like skin irritations, cuts or darkening underarms.

I have used this Shaving razor twice in one month all over my body including underarms , and I must say it gave me a good result.Since it has an self adjustable cartridge you dont have to put lot of pressure while shaving. It comes with a Shaving foam which lasts for very long time. The Shaving foam helps you to remove all your hair without any pain.My skin felt buttery soft after shaving and it also helped to remove all the hair from the skin. The best part is , it is light weight and can be carried anywhere and it takes less time to get rid of those unwanted hair. Now I dont have to worry if I have to attend any parties or going on a vacation. Also another good thing is , it is affordable and comes in your budget. I feel that going to a salon, or waiting for removing hair cream or investing in expensive epilators is not acceptable any more.

PRICE: 899 INR for Soft touch 6


  • Its very light weight
  • Travel Friendly
  • Gives you smooth, soft skin
  • It does not darken your skin
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Glides on smoothly
  • Does not cause any skin irritation
  • Moisturises your skin while shaving
  • Safe to use
  • I dint find any cons as such.

Overall Its a very good product to invest in. It truly makes your shaving experience amazing and gives you hair free and smooth skin in just less time.You can also experience the same and can buy their products from their website!!!


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