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Hi My Lovely Readers,

Have you ever thought of giving a hair makeover and afraid if it would suit you or not? Or concerned about pricing or quality work. Yes!!! Even I was thinking same things before going for a hair make over.

I always adored people who had gorgeous hair colour and wanted to try it on me from very long time. But at the same time I thought it was a bit horrifying moment to go through as I was concerned how my hair color would turn up and what if I end up looking like a weirdo.

Since it was way to difficult to manage my long hair along with 2 kids, I finally decided to chop off my long tresses short and wanted to give it a makeover.

It was a right time when VLCC Karnataka team invited to try out their services in one of their salons. I am sure you guys must be familiar with VLCC Brand. They have Beauty and Welness center pan India and provide wide range of services related to beauty and health(like weight loss, hair treatments etc..)

They asked me to choose any service from their range and I chose hair service since I wanted to do something with my hair. So took an appointment and went to HRBR salon in Bangalore to change my look. But trust me before visiting the salon so many things were running in my mind regarding the hair cut and hair color and how the stylist would be.

However all my worries were cast aside when I met the hairstylist Mr.Mimin. I visited the salon with my 2 kids and my husband. I must tell you that, the team in the salon made it very comfortable for my family so it was easy for us to spend next 5 hours without any hassles around. Few of you must be knowing that how tough it becomes when you visit the salon especially with kids.

The stylist and I discussed our options in detail, and we agreed on going for the shade 5.35 which is a Light Golden Mahogany Brown as the Global hair colour and the shade 13 from the Loreal Professional Majilift range for my highlights. And regarding the hair cut, he said we will go for a short with lot of volume and layers and its apparently called as “Manhattan Cut”

The entire process of hair cut and hair coloring took nearly 5 hours. It involved several steps:

  • First he washed my hair and did hair cut.
  • After that he applied hair colore including both global color and highlight.. The highlight color is applied first and it is wrapped in foil. Once the highlight  is done , the global color is applied.
  • The color is left to set in the hairfor 30 mins.
  • After it is confirmed that all the colors are set, the hair is rinsed with water to remove the traces of color.( I forgot to mention that he mixed Olaplex in the color which helps in preventing any damage made by chemicals. And also it helps in hair smoothening too..)
  • Finally the hair styling part where your hair will be dried and styled.

I would really appreciate the entire team of VLCC for making my hair look so gorgeous and did the entire process so patiently and neatly. I thank Shobit and his team for being so co-operative and warm which actually made the entire process go smoothly and peacefully.

Finally I would like to say that , actions speaks louder than words, so checkout before and after pictures.!!! I truly loved the hair cut and the hair color and I really feel like a new person altogether which is so refreshing. I must say that now my hair is more manageable and soft compared to earlier. Definitely I will be visiting soon for other services.

Once again thank you team VLCC for making me look so beautiful again and would highly recommend you all to check out their services from beauty to wellness, skin care to haircare and get the best experience because its all worth!!! .

Thanks for reading..!!!

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  1. Looking so gorgeous in short hairs look ekdum change ho jaata hai
    Mujhe khud bhi short hairs hi pasand hain
    Agar mujh se VLCC services ki choice poochi jaati to main Spa select karti, bahut relaxing hota hai ☺️☺️

  2. Mam u look fabulous in short hairs vlcc service is good and the reviews about vlcc service love the colour of hair .

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