Everteen Natural Intimate Wash And Hygiene Wipes Review

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We always take care of face, body and hair, but we never think of hygienity of our vaginal parts which are actually the most important thing to be taken care of.Today I am going to discuss some of the things we need to follow to keep our vaginal parts clean and itch free. The most common problems people usually suffer is from itchiness around the vaginal areas, infections,sweating which produces bad odour and also some times skin irritations. The causes for these problems could be unhygienic, imbalance in pH level, sweating,clothes or any other environmental issues.

To over come these problems, try to follow the below methods and you can see a drastic change in your vaginal health.

  1. Try to always wash your vaginal areas after each visit to your toilet.
  2. Make sure you keep your private parts dry by using wet wipes or tissues.
  3. Use skin friendly clothes which does not cause any irritation.
  4. Use a good Intimate wash to maintain the pH balance.
  5. Change your lingerie atleast once in a year if its from a nice brand.

About the Brand: Everteen is a product  from Wet & Dry Pvt Ltd offering Intimate health & hygiene and permanent hair removal category products. Everteen products are made using 100% natural ingredients derived from plants extracts. They do not contain any potential harmful chemicals or preservatives to ensure that there are no side effects and you can use them without any worry. They are also Paraben Free, Sulphate free, Not Tested on Animals and 100% Natural.


The Intimate wash comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a pink colour screw flip cap. Once you open the flip cap, you find small nozzle like thing from which you can take out the desired amount of product.

The Intimate Hygiene Wipes comes in a individually wrapped plastic sheet which ensures from drying out. It is like any other normal facial wipes.



The best part about these 2 products is that, they are travel friendly and takes less space in your vanity.


The Intimate wash is light yellow in color and has a gel based consistency and is free from synthetic ingredients like SLS & SLES, which I found to be better than other foaming intimate washes available in the stores.


The Intimate Hygiene Wipes are just like any other normal facial wipes.Both the products are mildly fragrant and does not cause any skin irritation.


My Experience:

This was the first time I have ever came across such kind of product in India. As soon as I received these products I was very excited to try this out. The thing which made me to try this was , its paraben and sulphate free which in turn does not cause any skin irritation. Especially in summers, I feel lot of sweatness around my vagina which in turn produced bad  odour and skin itchiness. I tried using coconut oil but it was a temporary remedy. And I have also seen many of us find skin rashes or irritations during their monthly periods.

So when I tried for first time, I was very happy with the results. Even though it did not contain any SLES or Parabens, it still gave nice foamy lather which helped in thorough cleaning. It gave a nice fresh feel with a mild floral fragrance. I did not come across any allergies or skin irritations after using this. In fact I found that I sweat less now and also there is way too less itchiness around the vaginal area. I use this wash twice a day to get rid of any bad odour and keep it fresh and clean.

The wipes comes so handy when your are out or travelling. Just take 2- 3 wipes in your bag and you are good to go.Even though I was changing pads quite often in day during periods,  I was still feeling so unhygienic. After I started using this I felt so good as this reduced the skin irritations with a touch of fragrance.If I am out then, I just carry these wipes and make things simpler and easy.

Another issue which I faced was , during summers when I would wear jeans for long hours, due to sweat it was producing ripping of skin  making it red in between your thigh and vaginal area or V-area. As I started using it , I did not find any such problems and I was very surprised at the same time.

Note: I would recommend you to consult your gynac if you are suffering from severe vaginal infections or pregnant before using this.


Everteen Natural Intimate Wash: 180 INR , 105ml

Shelf Life: 24months

Everteen Intimate Hygiene Wipes: 99INR for 15 wipes

Shelf Life: 12months


Intimate Wash:


Intimate Hygiene Wipes:



  1. Its chemical and paraben free
  2. Travel Friendly
  3. Affordable
  4. Reduces vaginal infections and bad odour
  5. Gentle and Safe on skin
  6. Gives you fresh feel .
  7. Maintains the pH Balance of the intimate parts
  8. Alcohol free, Antibacterial, Hypoallergic
  9. 100% natural


  • I dont think so there is any cons as such

Overall Its a must try and must have product in your personal care. If your suffering from any vaginal infections or any other issues related to private parts then you can definitely try this. I am going to sure buy one more as soon as this will get over. You can also buy these products from below mentioned websites.

If you have questions / suggestions regarding this products, you can always mail me or comment below.




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