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How are my lovely ladies doing? Its been a while that I’ve taken time to write reviews, the reason being 2 small kids and my health. Since I was feeling much better thought I will continue to write reviews which actually makes me feel good. Anyways coming to todays review, recently tried few body washes from the brand BODYCODE.

About The Brand: BODYCODE is an Indian brand which makes amazing shower gels which are exotic and has ingredients from Mother Nature.

The brand sent me 3 variants of the body washes:

  1. Lavender & Aloevera Bodywash
  2. Ready to Bloom Head to Toe Wash
  3. Rose & Chandan Bodywash

Lavender & Aloevera Bodywash:

The body wash has a lovely soothing lavender fragrance. The body wash comes in a pale lavender colour which is quite amazing.

Price:  270 INR, 250ml


Ready To BloomHead to Toe Bodywash:

The body wash has a very strong fragrance of sunflower. The body wash is yellow in colour which matches with the name .

Price:  270 INR, 250ml


Rose & Chandan Bodywash:

The body wash has a beautiful rose fragrance which I loved the most. The body wash is transparent and comes in a gel consistency

Price:  270 INR, 250ml


Packaging :

All the body washes comes in a plastic bottle with a flip cap. The packaging is quite impressive and easy to use. Even though it has a large quantity, its very light weight.

My Experience:

I feel that a shower with a good body wash makes your bathing experience exotic and divine. I personally like body washes which moisturises well and has a lovely fragrance which lasts long.

All these body washes has lovely fragrances which is very mild. The fragrance does not last longer which I dint like. But I am sure this product gonna be loved by those who doesn’t like much fragrance in their body wash.

Coming to its texture, its very smooth and transparent and is easily applied on the body. It has a liquid gel type consistency which looks luxurious. It creates a huge lather when used with a loofah. It left my skin clean and soft which is pretty amazing. Yes ,my skin felt silky but temporarily. Later I had to use a body lotion. It did cleaned away all the impurities and kept my skin fresh all day long.

Its a pretty decent body wash and nothing extra ordinary. But for the price and the quantity , I would give it a 5 star. If you are on budget and use body wash regularly , then this is a good option as it lasts for a really long time.


  • Affordable and very handy
  • Sturdy packaging with a press open cap
  • Gives a refreshing look after use
  • Comes in a various variants
  • Skin felt smooth for sometime
  • Amazing mild fragrance
  • Cleanses your body thoroughly and does not dries
  • Lathers very well, so little goes a long way


  • Fragrance does not last long
  • Its just a decent body wash like any other in the market

Overall Conclusion:

If you are on a budget and want to use a body wash which does its job pretty decent , then simply go for this. And also it did not give and skin problems which is great. I suggest you guys to use body wash in Winters which not only cleanses but also provides moisturization.

If you have questions / suggestions regarding this product, you can always mail me or comment below.

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