5 Hair Care Tips For Winters

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Summer might be gone taking away all its sun damage but not to forget that winter has also got some set of problems to hair. Winter not only brings the cool breeze which touches your face and blows away, it also takes away all the moisture from your hair and skin making it dry and frizzy. Some people also find dandruff problem during his winter. Since winter has already started , we need to change our hair care routine to match the weather.

Few tips and tricks that works well for summer may not work for winter and for everyone. The following are few things which I follow during winters which I also swear by .

1) Avoid washing your hair on daily basis –

Since, too much shampooing removes the much needed oil from your scalp. This makes hair more drier this season. So its better to was your hair twice or thrice in a week with a mild shampoo. If your suffering from oily scalp and suffereing from oily scalp, instead of washing your hair daily , you can dry shampoo in between your washes to feel your scalp clean and also to get that volume.

2) Stay away from Dryers and Blowers –

I know people who doesnt have time to dry their hair naturally will defenitely opt for dryeres. But duiring winters, once you blowfry and step out, the moisture in the air makes your hair even more worse causing more frizzines and tangled. So its better to wash your hair in the evening if you dont have time to dry it in the morning.

3) Dandruff Treatment –

Winters do bring dandruff problem along with dryness. Its one of the most common problem which everyone suffers. If not treated well, it also causes hairfall in the later stages. When ever I come across this problem i take a lemon juice rinse after my hair wash, or use apple cider spray before the hair wash. You can also try different dandruff trating hair oils or some home remedy packs like methi seed and yogurt hair pack to combat danduff or hairfall.

4) Hair oil massage for shiny hair

Since winter makes your hair dry and frizzy, its very important that you give that extra moisture to your hair. I usually take any oil like coconut oil and add little bit of curd and aloe vera gel and make a concoction and apply for 1 hr and give it a good hair massgae for 5-10 mins. Then I wash my hair with my regular shampoo and conditioner. This makes my hair soft and shiny. Curd and aloevera gel gives you that shiny and that extra moisture to your hair. Coconut oil helps you to get that healthy looking hair. If you want you can add one teapsoon lemon juice to get rid of dandruff.

5) Hair Spa –

If you suffer from extremely dry and frizzy hair, you can go for a hair spa which not only gives your hair an extra hydration but also treats that tough frizzy hair. If you dont like to go to salons, you can do a DIY hair spa at home once in two weeks to pamper your hair.

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  1. Oil n curd wala idea to bahut sahi hai Wednesday ko try karti hu
    Baaki main to bahut dukhi hu apne hairs ki quality se, thanks for sharing these ideas

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